When a player in professional tennis is thrashed solid by Roger Federer.
Tennis hopeful 'I lost, I just got federed'
by ML88 June 2, 2009
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To completed dominate someone in any sport or event, particularily tennis. Originates from Roger Federer ,the current top player in the world and perhaps of all time. To truly "federize" someone you must not only dominate them, but also dominate them with class and style.
Dude, you totally federered that guy with your backhand!

AWWWW man, Walt just federized my ass at Halo. I couldn't walk three steps and my guts were smeared across in the screen in a horrid, yet poetic manner.
by ByronGman September 19, 2006
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Someone who snitches on another person or group of people.
Yo, you fuck with Johnny?
Nah, that nigga's federal.
by seattleboxcar May 14, 2016
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To completely dominate another player in any sport or game, particularly in tennis. Originates from Roger Federer, the master of Federization
1) Jeff: Man, I just federized this n00b in Call of Duty

2) Bob: Andy Murray just got federized
by Etando February 1, 2010
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1. Short for Roger Federer, the current top-ranked tennis player worldwide

2. Can also be used to describe how badly somebody got beaten at tennis
1. Roger Federer dominates tennis.

2. *random tennis player* got federered by Roger Federer
by RHS Student September 1, 2004
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a system of government; a power sharing arrangement between sub-state actors pooling soverignty; powers and responsibilities of state and sub-state actors measure the centralisation of the federalist state
U.S. first federalist state followed by Switzerland. Others include Germany, Austria, Australia, and Canada.
by J. Parsons May 12, 2005
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Roger Federer, tennis player (SUI)

Current world no.1, and one hell of a tennis player. He has since taken the game to a whole new level, moping the floor with other top-10 players such as Agassi, Hewitt and Roddick to name a few. Coached by Tony Roach.
Federer smashed his way to victory in the 2005 US open, defeating Andre Agassi in four sets.
by xzdg September 12, 2005
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