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1. Short for Roger Federer, the current top-ranked tennis player worldwide

2. Can also be used to describe how badly somebody got beaten at tennis
1. Roger Federer dominates tennis.

2. *random tennis player* got federered by Roger Federer
by RHS Student September 01, 2004

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1. A mind-numbing class which will leave any student's head spinning.

2. What Kagome hates above all else!
1. Teacher, will you please let me torch my geometry book?

2. "I hate geometry" - Kagome
by RHS Student June 28, 2004

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What the government and FCC need to stop so people can take responsibility for their own sensitivies
Kids can grow up without being exposed to the "less appealing" side of TV, but parents should take it on themselves to do that, not resort to the government for censorship
by RHS Student September 12, 2004

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What John Kerry regards George Bush as, in the flash cartoon this land
"You're a liberal cissy!"
"You're a Right-wing nutjob!!"
by RHS Student September 07, 2004

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To be damned by the force of a giant robot/mecha, most likely a Gundam
Gundamn, my mobile suit got shot down!
by RHS Student November 14, 2004

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3rd game in the Splinter Cell series which will wipe the floor with Pandora Tomorrow
Sam Fisher in back, in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
by RHS Student August 18, 2004

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1) The greatest Gundam series ever

2) Zeta Gundam, a prototype Gundam capable of transforming into the Waverider to re-enter and fly in the atmosphere
1) While the original Gundam, and other other series like SEED and 08th MS Team were great, Zeta Gundam takes the cake.

2) That Zeta Gundam sure is powerful.
by RHS Student October 11, 2004

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