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Fake wedding: A celebration for women who have concluded they don't want to/might not get married but don't want to miss out on their 'big day'. A response to the fact that most women only want to get married for a) the proposal (flattering) and b) the party (more undivided attention). An opportunity for ladies to spend a foolish amount of money on a dress they will wear once, a decent hairdo, a massive cake, flowers, a chauffer-driven entrance, a good time for all their loved ones and a photographer (to capture the 'blushing' hostess in as much glory as her middle-age can muster). Ideally combined with 40th birthday celebrations to encourage the co-operation of one's nearest and dearest, as opposed being branded an 'asshole'.
You're invited to attend my fedding this April. (You'd better be there as I'll be having a whale of a time, whether you are or not, and the pictures won't look as good if I'm alone.)
by frezley December 10, 2011
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The art of doing FED (Front End Development)
Mic and James are the best at fedding
by Moros_ January 04, 2016
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A sexual manuver involving the rare coincidental occasion of the combination of a wedding, a funeral, and the act of felching. To Fed is to feltch during a simultanous Wedding/ Funeral, and is generally considered to be in bad form.
"Wow, Joe, incredible wedding. But I'm sorry your grandfather died."

"Yeah, I just wish my bride hadn't pulled a fedding with the corpse. Poor gramps. Oh, and me for marrying her."
by Jindalhooey October 23, 2007
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