while you are giving it to your partner doggy style, pick their legs up and slide them across the floor. Thus resembling a vacuum cleaner.
Eric was railing his wife and right after he finished he picked her legs up and showed her how the hoover manuver worked
by Jeff Sortman April 13, 2006
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During the next full moon find a hot cougar and make her run threw an agility course until nice and sweaty . then you bend her over on the A-Frame and do it to it doggy style.
"I need to bring my knee pads the next time I try pulling a hertrich manuver"
by cougarworld April 18, 2014
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The act of cliffhangering a TV Show, Movie, book, audio drama, etc. on two or more plot lines at once. To leave the reader, viewer, listener, or whatever hanging, on multiple story lines.
"They never resolved anything in that season finale"
"It's a perfect example of the Hutchins manuver"
by Timotheus D August 18, 2007
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Attach bungee cord to ceiling. Have the naked girl turn unsidedown with her legs spread eagle. You may want to prop her up against something like a chair, pillow, etc. Have the male climb a ladder with the bungee attached to him and swoop down right into the hole like an eagle eyeing its prey. Swoop(going in for the kill), doink!!!(hitting your target) uhhhhh!!!(chick), woosh!!! (like superman flying away, he comes quick, satisfies your needs and before you know it he's gone). Note: must have good aim with pecker or else someone may get hurt, crunching your pecker on the floor, bed, chair may never let you have children. Created by wes tanya and matt
my dog was watching me perform the superman bungee maneuver on this hot chick, when the ceiling caved in and two heveanly bodies fell from the apartment above......we decided to have an orgy and do the filthy wes instead.
by wes, matt and tanya January 15, 2004
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Talking about superman bungee manuver or crank that booty is absolutely the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard! And I've been round the world, couple of times, when I was younger. Now that I am a mother of 2 teenagers I RESENT the fact that you music industry has become like a COMMUNIST SOCIETY. You have taken away my right as a parent by creating these slangs which border line to - rape!
Talking about superman bungee manuver or crank that booty is absolutely the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard! If you masterbate on your partner when he/she says No to sex you are violating her right to choose, and your actions become a criminal act.
by Sandra B-utterflywings January 5, 2008
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What you need to do before you stuff the sluts toilet.
OOOUUUCCCHHH!!! "The bitch rubbed me raw,I knew I should have used the Hiney lick manuver!
by mavros April 8, 2006
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Being completely nonchalant when someone is doing something to turn you on, as displayed in Lady Gaga's video for LoveGame.
I was in a car with my boyfriend and he was attempting to make out with me, so I pulled a Lady Gaga manuver by keeping my lips closed.
by AwkwardDays January 24, 2011
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