A car that shall soon, lay to burnination, many of other not so fast cars.
That dudes FC just owned you
by J-DAWG January 22, 2004
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Acronym for 'Feeling Close'.
This word is usually used when someone acts like a close friend of another person who barely knows him/her.

(This expression is commonly used by Filipino teens.)
Wow, you're so FC to my friend.
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
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"Face Candidate". A girl who's so hot (but knows it) that you just want to blow your load on her face so she knows what it feels like to be treated dirty !!

It came about from a good mate of mine when a couple of us lads were checking out the talent in our building during a fire drill and one of our favourites was there. She was just so hot but so up herself that the only way you'd be able to bring her down to earth would be to deposit a nice load of throat yogurt all over her fabulous face. Hence she was only a "candidate" because she hadn't been sprayed yet but was in the running !!
Oh man, check out the tits on that FC !!
by moisturiser July 16, 2004
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