Nintendo's next gaming console that will put Nintendo at the top again. To be released in March 2017.
Dude, you managed to pick up a Nintendo Switch? Lucky bastard!
by ColdFire44 November 25, 2016
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Nintendo's successor to the Wii-U. Do not be fooled, it does not make a "Switch" sound, but rather a snap. It would look really dumb if it was called the Nintendo Snap though, hence "Switch".
Jim: Bob, look at this trailer for the Nintendo Switch!
Bob: Dude, I'm so psyched!
Karl: But guys that's a snap sound...
by SirCrabTheThird March 19, 2017
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This item is near impossible to get a hold of during the COVID19 pandemic. They’re hella expensive on amazon, but affordable at the local shops. However, they’re out of stock, therefore, you’re depressed.
Friend: Hey do you have a Nintendo Switch?
Me: not yet.. they’re out of stock everywhere..
Me: too expensive..
by Raionesu Dezain April 22, 2020
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Waluigi is not in smash. Why Nintendo, why no Waluigi the Nintendo Switch smash ultimate. Everybody isn't here ;-;
by T0aSt3dT0aSt November 6, 2018
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Possibly the best-designed video game console to date. The Nintendo Switch, nicknamed as a Switch if you want to be lazy, is the innovative sucessor to the Wii U console. This console introduces portability into the world of game consoles, making it similar to the Nintendo DS systems. However, it introduces the ability to seamlesssley switch from portable to TV "modes" and allows simple pairing of controllers to a console, compare to other systems which have a tedious and unreliable method of pairing.
In short, it's the buffed version of the 3DS.

I wrote this entire thing on my kindle. My thumbs are tired.
Dude: Oh, cool, you broight your Nintendo Switch over? I can connect it to my TV, I have a base for it.
Switch Dude: Cool, do you wanna borrow my controller?
Dude: No thanks, I can easily pair mine.
by The_Random_Dicthead April 23, 2019
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The next Nintendo console after the formerly released Wii U. The Nintendo Switch will allow you to play console games on the go (such as playing it in a park, or on an airplane) also allowing you to put it in the dock which allows you to play the game on the TV. You can seamlessly "switch" from TV mode to handheld mode.
by InternetIgnorance January 21, 2017
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A console made by Nintendo. It is designed to be fun with many games like Super Mario Oddysey, and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! The Nintendo Switch has two controllers that are detachable. The Nintendo Switch is
a console for fun, and Nintendo also lets you buy a Pro Controller, or more Controllers.! WOW!
The Nintendo Switch may seem expensive, but I think it is AMAZING!
by Cate Unicorn February 25, 2019
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