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A term originaly used by Dance Dance Revolution players, meaning to "full combo" a difficult section, or the entire thing by not missing a single step. Recently, the term has been used by Guitar Hero players when they complete a difficult section in a song or a completely full combo the song by not missing a single note in the section or song.
Dance Dance Revolution fc
bystander: look at that crazy fat kid! he isnt missing a single step!

Guitar Hero fc
bystander: look at that PriestMLH! he isnt missing a single note!
by THEguitarhero December 29, 2007
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In Dance Dance Revolution, to "FC" a song is to score a "full combo"; that is, to not miss a single step.
I just FC'ed a Challenge level song! I'm awesome.
by Taylor Esformes April 02, 2004
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Friend crush. Someone you love, just don't want a romantic relationship with.
"I love my FC Michael! I want him at my wedding, just not in it."
by coinedfc October 05, 2016
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abbreviation for "Feeling Close". like when you meet some one just right now, you keep on talking and talking to him/her, as if you knew each other for a Long Time...
she's an FC. see i don't know her at all...
by creepikz September 12, 2010
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A term used generally when reading fanfiction on LiveJournal to mean that the user commenting has posted the first comment.
After reading fanfiction someone may post a comment such as: Dood, this story was amazing! OMFG, I got FC!
by rendezvous___ February 14, 2008
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Refers to the chasis code of early models of the Mazda RX-7 (circa 1988 - 1991 in the US). The full chasis code was FC3S, but since just about all versions of the RX-7 have a "3S" ending, the first two letters are used to differentiate between this generation and the later "FD" generation (circa 1993-1995 in the US).

The FC3S RX-7 is known for it's 13B Turbo Rotary engine, especially for it's high maintenance standards and tendency to "blow" often.

The anime series Initial D features the FC3S RX-7 as the final rival car of the main character.
Ryosuke Takahasi's FC in Initial D
by boatman_x May 08, 2005
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