What you type into google if you're too lazy to type the eight letters required to search "facebook".
Ugh, 8 letters is going to take forever...my hand hurts..." "Have no fear, type just 2 letters and you'll be socially networking in no time!" "Thank god for abbreviations! FB!
by Raskihottie11 May 26, 2011
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Fb is short for many things I'm sure, but what it is most commonly known and used for is FaceBook.

Facebook is a homepage where one can share photos, status updates about their life etc.

Fb is not something one says while speaking, it is an internet chat or sms abbreviation.
"Omg, he totally wrote to me on Fb!"

"I uploaded all the photos from last night on Fb!"
by Mrs.Potatohead October 06, 2012
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A troll who likes to stir up trouble on the fark.com messageboards.
I think we've got ourselves another fb- on our hands.
by Farker August 02, 2003
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fb stands for free base meaning they have a to themselves i.e. parents aren't home
Yeo it's a fb tonight u tryna come over?
by torontpgyalnem June 18, 2019
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F.B.--- Fuckin Bitch

Used when referring to a bitch you dont like
Me: My girlfriend dumped me because of Milan
Not Me: Milan is such an F.B.
EX2: Skrew you F.B.!!!
by Phill Banana Hammock May 10, 2008
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