1) (n) A type of cocaine that you cook up in a frying pan. And by you I really mean your honor roll student, boy scout son.
2) (v) To prepare the above type of cocaine.
3) (v) What a walked batter gets in a baseball game.
4) (n) A chemical that's the opposite of an acid and doesn't cost anything.
1) When little Timmy failed his math test, his mom decided to cheer him up by cooking up his favorite dinner: free base cocaine.
2) We don't free base in the Brook, we just smoke flat-out crack rock.
3) With runners on second and third and the World Series on the line I figured it would be a good call to just give Barry Bonds a free base.
4) I hear there's a deal over at Chemicals Mart where if you buy an acid at retail price, you get a free base.
by Nick D February 01, 2004
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A way of using cocaine
1 add water
2 place on tin foil
3 use a lighter to cook it
4 use a paper towel tube to inhale smoke
Lets roll dude grab your moms foil and a lighter and prepare to free base
by madbanton October 17, 2005
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Someone who is slipped a roofie, and will most likely not remember what happened when they awaken.
Fundo: Everybody!! That slut I slipped the roofie to fell asleep. Free base for everyone. I got third!!
by authOOr June 28, 2006
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the act of smoking a drug that is not in its sault form. (cocaine, meth, dmt). snortable cocaine is in its salt form which means it is linked with HCl. When you freebase it, you neutralize the HCl leaving you with pure cocaine. HCl is said to be the base so you "free" it from the "base"
I freebased some dmt the other day and broke into tryptamine hyperspace.
by Urban Dictionary May 06, 2004
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Taking cocaine and mixing with water, then placing in a piece of cupped tin foil. You then light a flame under the tin foil piece until smoke emits and inhale through a glass pipe...the high is unparalleled
yo mer be free basing that cocaine like a crack whore
by Alexandra E. Barnes November 14, 2007
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The activity of smoking a specially prepared form of the drug cocaine. The crushed crack cocaine is usually placed in a spoon or a beaker where it is heated by a flame. The user inhales the fumes from the burning cocaine and receives their high from this.
Joe is in the other room free-basing.
by Andrew Bennett May 04, 2004
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