A phenomenon in which two influences come together to produce an effect greater than predicted.

When two individuals with their own complementary skills interact to form a special everlasting bond.
Bun- Hey this relationship isn't working.
Kitty- Why not?
Bun- Our relationship is not synergistic.
Kitty- What do you mean?
Bun- You bring me down, I can't do my homework because you call me to talk to me about cats in your backyard. I want what Doe II and Nga has.
by TheGreatOne aka Allah April 26, 2008
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A phrase used by old software salespeople when they don't realise that corporate bollocks is no longer cool.
I'd like to walk through what your long-term plans are and what your views for this agreement would be, and how we can then open up the parameters to make it synergistically agreeable.
by OpsDudeUK November 23, 2022
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