Your most favorite person.
Of all the people I have ever met, Ashley is my fav... by far.
by Sexxy Pants October 2, 2007
A less brutal way of saying "fuck you". Usually stated when small acts that annoy people occur and not a major dick move.
Jimmy: "hey, you gotta light?"

Rob: (pulls out lighter) "nope."

Jimmy: Dude, you're off my fav 5.

Rob: :(
by mickenzie92 November 10, 2009
THE BEST PERSON YOULL EVER KNOW. She has the best style and music taste and always knows exactly what to say. Every time you’ll see her you’ll want to have her whole wardrobe. I WAS HAPPY WHEN SHE AGREED TO MARRY ME AND WE HAD OUR FIRST DAUGHTER EMERSON. We make more great memories everyday with our daughter slim shady. <3
Evie my fav wife is so pretty
by GA1029384756 February 26, 2023