Commonly associated with the french word fatigué, meaning to be tired, bored french students will hear this word as "fat and gay" as the french pronuniation sounds very similar. This will likely be the only word a french student will remember from the class apart from "je mappelle (their french name)".
French Teacher: When ones tired in french we would say "il et fatigué (fati-ghey)"
Student #1:What? whos fat and gay
Student #2:Look everyone David is sleeping he must be fat and gay.
French Teacher: No, fatigué (fati-ghey) like the word fatigue in English with the exact same spelling.
The entire class for the next 30 minutes: (snicker) David is fat and gay (snicker)

Test question from the final: Translate fatigué
Student's response: An obese homosexual
by farside604 January 21, 2010
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epig cfgamer wprd you enjoy yes?
fat and gay is a word that

bruh bruh bruh bruhbr uh bbhruhbubhubhuh


.. jerr, you cant!
by September 15, 2020
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a word which a certain individual uses to describe any bad or slightly abnormal situation
dean: "Year 11 is hard"
jono: "Is it?"
ben: "Yep, its big, fat and gay"
by Lukas Maximus Merridius July 23, 2003
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Fat, gay, old, todd who lives with his grandmother and is pushing 40! He has already declared bankruptcy and has children he does not pay childsupport for. That's right ladies, form a line and wait your turn! He's SINGLE!!!! *HURL*
FUCK! Fat-Gay-Todd is in chat again with his shrill voice... someone run him out by posting grannies address!
by marylandgrl22 December 05, 2004
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A kid who is homosexual and obese at the same time. Often has fat parents as well.
"Man i was walking down the street, and there was some fat gay kid giving bjs for 10 bucks.
by is a mystery November 10, 2007
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