a dog who likes to hump dogs of the same sex.
look at the gay dog oliver, he's humping freddy.
by SHANNON R. September 2, 2005
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Someone who is disliked by others and/or by a certain group. Can also mean faggot or any other homosexual insult.
US -Ah! Your just a fucking gay dog
US -Go away dirty old gay dog!
UK -Bloodyhell! Your nothing but a gaydog!
by Corben Dallas May 28, 2004
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A holding text or communication of little relevance used to fill gaps in, string along or re-ignite conversation with a would be lover when you have no actual content to share with them.

The message in question often contains a photo or reaction to a mundane or everyday object of little relevance to either party, such as a pet dog. The more mundane or irrelevant the exclamation, the gayer the dog.
Chad 1: Are you still texting that lady from the club the other night?

Chad 2: Nah bru, not really. I let that one slide.

Chad 1: Best to keep these things warm. You never know when it might come in usefull. Nothing strenuous, just drop the odd Gay Dog from time to time.

Chad 2: Yea, you're right. I've got a picture of a sunset somwhere I can send her. I will do that now. Thats for keeping me sharp bro.

Chard 1: Peace.
by Curious Beast March 17, 2023
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A Loba.
A Homosexual furry, usually sports a dog fursona.
Characterized by there promiscuity and spitefulness.
by Luktan November 19, 2020
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Insult commonly used by younger Australian males, the most effective and fatal insult out there
by Bigman969 October 28, 2019
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Possibly the most devastating words that could ever possibly be spoken by a human being, worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian and even your granny tranny.
George: "Ur mom gay"

Peter: "Ur dad lesbian"

George: *On the brink of tears, using all of his might to conjure up the words* "Ur dog gay"

Peter: *Loses all fucking brain function and resorts back to a child like state, pisses himself and then fucking dies
by Sexhaver2000 March 24, 2018
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similar to "your mom gay lol" but to specifically catch people off guard by calling their dog gay instead of their mom
guy1: you suck
guy2: yeah but your dog gay lol
guy1: confused and scared
by sloppymemes March 6, 2018
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