1. the bush administration

2. "democracy" frequently used as a euphemism, along with "liberty" and "freedom"
hey, the patriot act is awesome! woo fascism!
by the fishy April 30, 2005
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From Dictionary.com

"A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."

Sound like USA? Well let's have a look...

Dictator: George W. Bush
- America suppresses the opposition through media censorship. Anything the opposition says, America will use media to regard it as propaganda and therefore censor it.
America also uses Military as a method of terror to provoke the Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Iran. As for belligerent nationalism and racism, since 9/11 the American Government held an anti-muslim stance and used media to spread this idea. Publically they would appear to be accept of muslims but behind public eyes, their own agenda would tell a different story. For example the invasion of Iraq and seizure of their oil fields (What's wrong with giving the oil field back to the Iraqi people?), and possibly Iran to be next because of their nuclear capability. Despite the fact that America has their own nuclear capabilities far greater than any other nation.
The use of the media plays a strong role in fascism, especially in the developing of the belligerent nationalism and racism.

Example: The American government explaining to the world media their purpose in preparing their troops for a possible attack on Iran. Their concern being the nuclear capabilities of Iran. What they fail to mention is that on the other side of the world, from the Eastern point of view, America already has nuclear capabilities and enough of it to destroy their country with 1 word, and that word is "Fire!"
by M U N G April 12, 2006
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1. A system of government characterized by extreme nationalism, violence, and the control of ideas:. America
2. The right-wing movement in Europe between the World Wars.
3. Not a leftest movement. Do a little research on the times you fiends. The Popular Front was a leftest movement to counter the rise of fascism.
The corporate state in America can be compared to fascism. The corporations own the government that spews its nationalist, militarist propaganda with overtones of a "think like us or get the hell out" mentality while they themselves own and control all means of production and wealth.
by Sausage Mahoney December 20, 2003
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Fascism is the end result of capitalism without liberty. It is an autocratic system used by people who have large amounts of power or capital to protect their self-interests from communism or populist events surrounding economic depressions.
Fascism is capitalism plus murder. - Upton Sinclair

Fascism is capitalism in decay. - Vladimir Lenin
by Thomas Liberty Paine August 09, 2008
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Hmm, I feel like another power trip. I know, I'll prevent airline passengers from bringing coffee on airplanes! Then I'll refer to fascism when I talk about terrorists!
by shibby1 August 30, 2006
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militant nationalism.

One of the most misdefined words in history, various dictionaries, and also in your head. Is it "a governmental system led by a dictator...etc etc." no, a fascist government can raise to power by means of election.

It is also not a historical condition no longer in existence such as 'feudalism'.

It does not apply only to certain peoples in a particular time in history. Just like communism or capitalism, it is both a social order and a concept.

A case in point: (from dictionary.com)

A system of government that flourished in Europe from the 1920s to the end of World War II. Germany under Adolf Hitler, Italy under Mussolini, and Spain under Franco were all fascist states. As a rule, fascist governments are dominated by a dictator, who usually possesses a magnetic personality, wears a showy uniform, and rallies his followers by mass parades; appeals to strident nationalism; and promotes suspicion or hatred of both foreigners and β€œimpure” people within his own nation...

During balkan wars Serbian media convinced it's people that they are fighting fascism, because of course, Croats are fascists. But they didn't realize that they themselves were now fascists. Is it inconceivable that one who fought fascism once can become a fascist? yes. It's a concept, Idea, belief, state of mind not a historical condition. And does an Israeli soldier wonder deep down inside if he is a fascist to the Palestinian?
World is a turbulent place and often we find ourselves a victim of circumstance either as a victim or a member of a fascist regime.

It can happen to anyone anywhere, and when this happens it is good to know at least what the word means? That way you can't say that you didn't know.
Klaus: did you realize the word fascism in the dictionaries sounds like a historical concept. Like it only applies to 'others'

Ahmed: yea, it's like describing the devil as a hairy creature with hoofs and horns
by hs2000 August 27, 2009
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