A right wing authoritarian style goverment that is very close to the top left wing. A fake version of socialism.
.....I have nothing to say
by The left wing king January 13, 2004
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Is not world facism the single greatest problem of this planet?
by pi4c October 24, 2003
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A movement advocating a return to traditional power structures under the guise of revolution.
Nazism is understood to be a form of fascism because it disguised a reactionary and anti-democratic ideology as a popular revolution.
by Catty McGee August 09, 2017
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Collective noun for a group of Head teachers (principals).
A fascism of head teachers had gathered at Oxfordshire Education Department for a briefing of proper ways to make kids hate school.
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 06, 2007
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A reactionary movement by the privileged class (usually white people) against cultural progression. It starts as hatred for leftist culture (political correctness, diversity, fair distribution of resources) and grows as a political movement. This movement usually will push forward authoritarian leaders who will take that anger and fear to limit freedoms and consolidate power within the elite in the name of "security"(the wealthy, the corporations, the military, and the politically connected). Scapegoating a minority class (usually immigrants or people of different religious beliefs) will be used to deceive those who are not elite but believe they are being "attacked". History shows this movement goes one of two ways: pushing further right to eventual military dictatorship or oligarchy, or a revolt pushing left expanding powers and opportunity to all others.
There is no difference between fascism and the rights obsession with "owning Libtards".
by Coldus Saladas July 20, 2018
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