A girl under the age of 21 in the club. Usually given the mark of an "X" on both hands in permanent marker to signify they are not old enough to drink.
"Bro the last girl you dated was old enough to be your mom, so tonight we're gonna go out drink some beers, and get you a dos equis."

"I dont always date young girls, but when i do, i prefer dos equis"
by Jay Edward October 08, 2011
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1- A human being who carries two X-chromosomes; a woman

2- Slang: a homosexual male

3- A good Mexican beer (if 'good beer' and 'Mexican' were not an oxymoron)
1- I really like the boobies on that dos equis.

2- My friend likes Tommy, but she doesn't have a chance because he's totally dos equis.

3- Oh you have Dos Equis? I'll just have water, thanks.
by chadlebald January 12, 2005
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A dos equis is said to occur when two incredibly attractive women, either together or coincidentally, stand within three feet of each other, rendering any straight male within one hundred feet speechless.

XX, where each roman numeral ten represents a dime or perfect ten on the bitty scale.

Also, Dos Equis is a brand of Mexican lager.
Don't look now, Geoffrey Starkleton, but there's a dos equis right behind you!

Bernerd, you should've seen the dos equis I bedded last night, what a damn casanova I was.

Hey, Dandelion Bastardnut and Jennifilia Fluffertits, you two are a regular dos equis over there.

My dreamjob last night involved not one, but two dimes—that's a dos equis if I've ever seen one.

The last time I saw a dos equis, I exploded eight ways to Sunday, Breren Jarlz.
by DPaptG February 06, 2010
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When two males beat their boners on to one individuals head. Can either be a sexually pleasurable act or an act of punishment
John: Hey Tim you want a Dos Equis?

Tim: Yup

John: Alright lets do this Joe
by Big Red 78 February 27, 2011
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A person who knows a lot about beer, particularly a certain kind of beer. Often also a connoisseur.
Steve: Dude! Bob just told me how many calories, grams of fat, and percent daily value of vitamin D that a bottle of Dos Equis has, without even looking at the label!
John: What a Dos Equis-pert!
by a Dos Equis-pert June 26, 2011
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