The canon of fandom.

Fanon is the collection concepts and ideas that are normally used in most fan fiction, but don't really existence in the real story's canon.

If a concept was used in the canon, it is only mention once in the entire series and is never mentioned again. Fan fiction writers will most likely instigate these concepts in their fics.
Some people think that fanon is phoney and stupid, but most fanon concepts are actually pretty good.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e December 26, 2007
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a term used in fanfiction to describe commonly accepted ideas among authors even if they are not actually expressed in the canon work.
In Harry Potter, SiriusxLupin is virtually fanon.
by Kathy October 4, 2003
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often connect to fan fiction; ideas or events that are accepted by most fans, but were not actually in the original story/book/show etc.
In Death Note fanfics, Matt and Mello are often a fanon pairing.
by LadyLollipopBaka December 7, 2008
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Fanon is canon for your Fanon Self.
Includes Headcanons and au
Can be based on a canon idea, but would never happen or not yet canon
My Fanon idea is..
by Flying_on_arokette_ship July 21, 2021
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Fanon is something so widely believed in the fandom that it is considered cannon even though not actually stated in the original storyline
Tratie is so fanon.

Not as much as Thaluke.
by Mrs. McShizzle September 21, 2019
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Something that the fans of a Fandom came up with that isn't Canon to the actual story or character. Not to be confused with Headcannon, which is a personal fanon that is usually only used by you or a small group.
"The fanon character is completely different from the Canon character!"
by AstroIsOffline May 27, 2021
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