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Technoblade and Philza's duo

Its called Emerald Duo, because on stream one day, Techno renamed some emeralds to "Friendship Emeralds", and handed them to Phil.
"Emerald Duo is my favorite duo!"
by AstroIsOffline July 13, 2021
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Art made to confort the artist, someone else, or both. It could be described as positive vent art
"Oh, this drawing is just some comfort art."
by AstroIsOffline August 29, 2021
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Something that the fans of a Fandom came up with that isn't Canon to the actual story or character. Not to be confused with Headcannon, which is a personal fanon that is usually only used by you or a small group.
"The fanon character is completely different from the Canon character!"
by AstroIsOffline May 27, 2021
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My dog!!! I love him!!!! He can do no wrong!!!!!
I love my dog <33333333
by AstroIsOffline March 13, 2022
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Something that was already bad enough, getting laughably worse
"Agh!! Gosh this painting is a dumpster fire!!"
by AstroIsOffline June 10, 2021
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Used when you have an opinion that you will stand by no matter what, and that you'll fight someone about.
"Blue is better than red, fight me."
by AstroIsOffline August 28, 2021
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A family tree that had something incestuous happen (e.x: Parent marrying their child).
by AstroIsOffline March 13, 2022
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