(canonical, canonically, canons)

A word to describe something that is true to the original story.

Things considered “canon” are basically considered “true” (in the story).

-Similar Words:
Not Canon; Something that isn’t true to the original story.
Head-Canon; Usually used when someone creates their own AU (Alternate Universe), and adds their own “canon” part in their story.

Usually describes fiction.
Often confused with “cannon”.

Can be used in sentences as;
“George was not a canon character is the series, but they used it in their AU, regardless.”

“My AU was not canon to the original plot in the movie, but I think people will like this spin on the story.”

“They had made their own head-canon, where Lucy had survived the explosion.”
by EggyYolkZ October 16, 2021
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In slang, a word used by those who write fanfiction. It refers to the original body of work that the fanfiction came from.
Her fanfiction ideas screwed around with the canon storyline of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.
by Kathy October 4, 2003
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A term used especially within gaming communties to differentiate between the official storyline (= canon) and everything which is not, like fanfiction, fanvids, etc.
"A lot of people consider Chell to be the daughter of Cave & Caroline, but it's by no means canon."
by meimeiriver September 17, 2011
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default pairings, often used to describe pairings in fanfiction that are claimed to be obvious. in other words, a couple that is heavily promoted or suggested in the show.
Jaden/Syrus is almost as canon to shonen fans as Jaden/Alexis is to het fans.
by the new bat girl January 3, 2006
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A fanfiction or pairing that is true to the original work.
Puzzleshipping is so canon, don't you think?
by Aderyn W. June 13, 2011
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Canon is a term for official, as in one loves another in most universes.




Eleanor: Dean is pretty hot though

Dean: What
by eledean shipper 2k14 October 18, 2014
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Canon was originally named after a Japanese idol/false god. One of the originating camera makers in Japan. Canon revolutionlized the photo industry by releasing superior products at reasonable market prices. Their lens are the benchmark for the professional industry and many consider Canon to be the best photo system that can be bought with money.
You see all those white lens's on the side lines at sporting events?
by Photobug April 18, 2005
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