A personal belief or interpretation about a story or pice of media that has not been confirmed nor denied in the media itself.
It’s my headcannon that they eventually make it back home, but we’ll never know because the series ended with them attempting to escape.
by Hellohihey February 10, 2020
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A Headcannon is a story (or really anything) that is added on to or changed in a persons mind. For example, in Undertale, someone may make up a story on how Papyrus joined the Royal guard, since this doesn't happen in-game, this makes it someone's headcannon. Headcannons usually aren't shared, but you can find headcannons of many things on many different social platforms.
Person 1: "That doesn't happen in the story."
Person 2: I know, its my personal headcannon.
by Withered Rose April 10, 2022
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A miniature cannon mounted on one’s head. Used mainly to prank unsuspecting friends. A headcannon is very difficult to ignore.
I’ve got a new headcannon.”
*launches cannonball at friend*
by coyotedomino March 2, 2018
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