A cool wed series on youtube from 2004 to 2016 until the creator, Edd, sadly died from cancer in 2012
Wow! I love Eddsworld.
by Thatgrill December 25, 2018
Eddsworld is a web series created by Edd Gould. It follows the adventures of the fictional counterparts of Edd Gould, Tom Ridgewell, Matt Hargreaves, and Tord Larsson (until 2008 when Tord left).

Eddsworld was managed by Edd Gould until his death in 2012. Later on, Tom continued to produce Eddsworld until 2016, when he ended the series and left the crew. In 2020, Matt continued Eddsworld with a new crew.
Eddsworld was ahead of it's time.
by The7Guy August 19, 2020
the best freakin thing ever like oml if u dont think so, jump in a ditch.
unless your name is alana and i used to call u senpai then ok ur good.
also, dont go in the fandom. its full of tomtord and patryk fangirls.
Person: What's Eddsworld? My friend keeps ta-
Eddhead who's hella obsessed with it: WELLLL........
by the other fergie May 17, 2019
in short: a web series created in 2005 by Edd Gould, a guy who died of cancer in 2012.

In long: Eddsworld is an animated web series/ web comic created in 2005. This series was made by Edd Gould. The series features four main characters, Edd, Matt, Tom, and Tord. Each of these characters were based on real life friends of Edd. Sadly Tord has left the show and his character also left in 2008 (except for his character making a return for 2 episodes in the end part 1 and 2 but he was voiced by someone different) This sadly isn't all of the bad news in the series. In 2012, Edd Gould sadly died from cancer. This was devastating and many thought it would be the end of the series but they were mistaken. Tom and Matt decided that they would follow Edd's wishes to keep his World spinning and made Eddsworld legacy. Unlike Tord, Edd's character continued to be in the series. And now even more ✨bad news.✨ So in short, Tom left the series and now Matt is the only one keeping the series running. All that is left is Matt and the amazing team helping. In all honesty more tragedy has occurred in the real world than in the animated series, but that's how the world moves.
Abby: hey, do you watch Eddsworld?
Lucy: no, what's eddsworld?

Abby: well......
by Gay_frogs_soup February 28, 2022
Whats eddsworld? Oh, its a webtoon show with alot of sexy main characters 😍

Person 1: But all of those characters are now written in this dictonary! You cant just write them all!


Person: Okay okay jeez-

Person 2: So wait, is there any ships?

Me: I guess?

Person 3: Is tomtord canon?

Me: NO-

Person 4: Yes! Its canon!

Eddsworld is a webtoon show coming along with edds friends! Tom, tord, and matt! Finding alot of monsters and robots and they dont die! I mean- Just in the cartoon not real life-
by J3ZZ3 September 20, 2021
eddsworld is a series of YouTube videos started in 2006, started by a British man named Edd Gould. They started with three characters, Tom, Edd, Matt, and Tord. Excluding Tord, who has a Norwegian accent and come from Norway, they're all from the United Kingdom with British accents. They now have three members, Tom, Edd, and Matt, making them purely Team United Kingdom. They're excellently made comedies made by flash, some even uploaded by their main site, and even some uploaded in Newgrounds.

They allowed some people to guest host in their videos, such as, bing, and psychotic(insert some numbers here) and even more.
eddsworld is an excellent comedy.
by MisaTange July 6, 2009