When people get really emotionally intense about something when in reality there's nothing interesting happening.
When people have read so much fanfiction that they begin applying all these intense emotions from the fictional universe to things that are happening in real life, which in reality are probably just really boring and uneventful.
Person 1: "Why does she always make weird and random Doctor Who references?"

Person 2: "It's called Fanon Goggles."
by danisntonfire February 27, 2014
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A great psychiatrist of the post WW2 era. Frantz Fanon was perhaps the most influential decolonialist philosopher of the 20th century. A highly trained psychiatrist, Fanon was also a revolutionary soldier fighting the Nazis in WW2. He doubled his efforts towards the Algerian revolutionaries fighting French barbarity in the post war period.

Fanon however will always be best known for his papers on existential deconstructionism, essentialized notions of racism and his perspectives of a black man in the west.
Frantz Fanon was a renowned philosopher, soldier and revolutionary. Despite dying at the tender age of 36, Fanon has left enough decolonialist articles to last a critically thinking student a lifetime to ponder.
by franz fanon January 14, 2008
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a group of people who make OCs, say “hard anal”, do random shit, and get sad.
Guy 1: what community are ya in?
Guy 2: uhh… total drama fanon.
Guy 1: oh cool! wanna show me around?
Guy 2: …
Guy 2: …yeah sure! wh-why not…?
by the tacky twat December 25, 2021
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you most likely are apart of the lgbtq+ community and do not agree with canon ships. <------ no offence to anyone in the community at all!!!
"i ship narusasu and bakudeku and only fanon couples!"
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A character that does not exist in canon media.
For example Shabnam is from the game new style boutique but turned into a fanon character.
Amelia Andhdnsheehenehrhfjfhfbffnfvf is an fanon character
by thecharacterwannie July 8, 2022
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Your Fanon Me can like stuff IRL you wouldn't like
IRL Me: no
Fanon Me: yes plz
by Flying_on_arokette_ship July 21, 2021
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