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padding put in the bra to make boobs appear larger
"Whoa that chick is flat. She needs some falsies."
by Goldkova July 10, 2008
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A slang term referring to breast forms, or breast bras. Primarily used by MTFs.

It can also referrer to a fabric, rubber, gel or foam insert that is used to add padding within a brassiere (bra), to give the appearance of larger breasts.
MTF#1- Honey, your falsie is slipping.
MTF#2- Oh, geez. Thank you!
MTF#1- No worries. No one wants to see a spare boob on the floor.
Girl#1- Weren't you like a B cup yesterday? How'd you go from B to D over night?
Girl#2- I'm wearing rubber falsies.
Girl#1- Ah, padding: One of girls best friends.
by TwistG July 26, 2010
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A ring women , who are out in public without their boyfriend, wear in order to appear engaged or married. The idea is it is supposed to be the unspoken "I'm taken" or "I don't want to be hit on." Works well for non verbal communication so that instead of having to be mean and say we aren't interested it is just a hand gesture away. Also known as a Ms. Taken ring or a decoy.
Hot Girl: I am going out with the girls tonight!

Boyfriend: Yeah okay... Don't leave home without your falsie.

Hot Girl: Oh yeah I haven't been to this bar but its ladies night and I am sure the losers will be out in full force.
by KellyAnn L. June 01, 2010
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a rumor that is spread about one that isn't true, therefore making it false. a falsie.
erin m had a baby. people are saying it is a brown baby even when the father is not, nor is erin m. when i asked the "babys father's" brother danny about this, he said no, the baby is not brown. making this rumor a falsie.
by hoes hoes fa sho January 11, 2009
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