1. a slang word used by people in Westchester to denote those who are being excessively annoying and/or flaming.

2. 17C french conjunction, short for faggot.
1. "You are being such a fucking faJ, i'll skeet on you"

2. "Oui, je suis un faJ"
by P Lo October 17, 2004
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The vagina of a gay women.(Lesbian); It is derived from the word fag, meaning gay, and vagina.
My faj really hurts today; My girlfriend really worked my faj last night, and now i have to clean it so I don't get an infection.
by Lamonies January 24, 2007
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A word you call somebody who pisses you off or is very annoying. Very similar to -fag- but is more "appropriate" when out in public. A faj is someone who can't take a joke, is annoying, whines all the time, and pretty much anything you want it to be. Faj can be used in place of words that you may forget how to pronounce and is a fun word to joke around with. You can use faj however you like. Everything is faj. The world revolves around the word faj.
Guy 1: "What'd you do last night?"
Guy 2: "Oh nothing much, just went with some faj to a movie."

Girl 1: "Did you see Anthony? I heard he's a furry."
Girl 2: "Wow, what a faj. I bet he let's his dog lick peanut butter off his d***."

Girl 1: "Dear god! What is that smell!?"
Girl 2: "I think it's that girls fishy faj!"
Girl 1: "Someone should teach her some proper hygine."

Person 1: "What the faj."
Person 2: "You're a faj."
Person 3: "Shut up, Faj's."

You can Faj.
You can BE a faj.
You can GO faj-jng.
You can smell like faj.
You can taste faj.
You can LOOK like a faj.
You can faj off.
You can do anything with faj.
by TheOfficialFaj June 17, 2016
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