Jun 13 Word of the Day
No Bull Shit, and old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious.
User: I need to talk to you, NBS.
User2: ESAD, Noob.
by Heko July 17, 2004
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1) A gay French person
2) A gay person who is eating bread
Look bro, that guy is such a faguette.
by Dr. Faggy May 15, 2015
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I went to France over the summer and I was surrounded by faguettes who kept hitting on me.
by mjb7 March 01, 2009
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An individual from France who is of homosexual orientation. Alternatively, a bad piece of bread.
by Emil Wagenius March 10, 2015
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A word you say to describe a homosexual or a personality of a homosexual.

1.A nicer word to say instead of fag/faggot/faggit.

2. A word to describe a French homosexual or the personality of a French homosexual.

3. A word to describe Justin Bieber and/or his music. Picture yourself a baguette with Justin Biebers face at the upper end. In that case you should also call Justin Biebers "beliebers" for "breadliebers".
Tim: Did you hear the new Justin Bieber single, it sucks really bad.
Tim#2: Yeah, he's such an faguette!
Random Belieber: U fagits sht da hel up! U wudnt si rel talnt if it wud b infront of u!
Tim & Tim#2: Just go away you breadlieber, you can't even realize that the nr.1 faguette is a bad rolemodel for every of his breadliebers.
by Jimdah February 09, 2014
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