When one succumbs to the ultimate epitome of stupid or annoying comments/suggestions and they require the comment, "Real Gay," to be thrown at them. Or when a group of men travel to La Follete, Tennessee to Norris Lake.

Note: Does not pertain to homosexuality.
"My mom is making me paint easter eggs with her... I'm 18."
"Real gay"
by Willy Humke May 10, 2006
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Australian Term - When something is definately not normal and questionably natural.
Went to the nightclub and saw a bunch of hippies - it was the real gays
by Fearn 351 August 16, 2011
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The hours of 3-4 AM when you’re conversing with you s/o of the same sex, and you just feel so gay in the moment and you feel so in love and you feel like nothing can stop you.
S/o1: God i love you so much, i dont know what’d i do without you.

S/O2: me too! Y’know, i just realized its Real gay hours
by __jaybird June 12, 2019
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RGS (Real Gay Shit) - When you not exactly gay and you do what the fuck you want to - to a certain degree - you put in work if you can, you tell people fuck off who want your head, and your a gay outlaw. - - Found
That nigga still living that's real gay shit (RGS).
by ThatFoundNigga October 19, 2014
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