When your jammin' to dubstep.
Dude, i was eating bread to that dubstep.
by jungletoe April 7, 2011
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to perform oral sex on a girl that has a yeast infection
Last night when I went down on my girlfriend I didn't know she had a yeast infection, so I ended up having to eat bread.
by Sandalwood November 22, 2007
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To eat bread,

is to basically smoke pot/weed(a.k.a. marijuana)
This is an useful way to talk about doing drugs without adults finding out what you're talking about.

This is the most recent/commonly used term to replace the former and widely used term "smoke weed"
Girl:i want to eat bread tonight because it takes me to cloud nine
Boy:Okay, ill make sure to bring some tonight

Teacher walks by,overhears their conversation and thinks:Now I want a bagel
by cloud999 July 8, 2011
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"eat bread Dgraf, you never shut up"
by CVdizzle January 22, 2010
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A common expression used my people to tell other individuals that they are wrong and they must pay for their consequences. If someone says something ridiculous or just fucking dumb, they must EAT BREAD. Don't complain, just eat...
Idiot: *rapping in french* Ca commence bien mais ca fini mal...

Me:WHAT!? ur a fucking idiot eat bread now!

Idiot: But its so dry!

Me: eat bread for complaining

Idiot: uhhh fine
by Luke Grubez March 5, 2005
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To eat Bread means to kill yourself because if a fish eats bread it dies
Hey, Andre why don’t you eat bread, now Andrea is dead
by Anonymous gay child March 28, 2019
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