Fast-food chain whose logo resembles a circumsized penis.
The family activist group "Keep the penis in the pants" petitioned Arby's to change their logo which resembles a circumsized penis.
by not yet cured April 29, 2007
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An expensive fast food joint known for its dumb workers who don't speak English or know a nickel from a penny.
"Hey let's go to arby's and mess with Jose!"
by Kayleen August 7, 2007
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The funnies and most trustful guy ever. Will always be there for you. Probably has a big dick and will make fun of you. Old Albanian name.
Dude 1: Yo did you see that guy Arbi over there?

Dude 2: Yeah he’s making fun of fornite, what a legend.
by vacuumcl3an3r November 10, 2018
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The loose folds of pussy-flesh, that looks reminiscent of the sliced beef from the restaurant of the same name.
"That bitch's Arbys lips made me hungry, lets go get a sandwich"
by Proxy-J October 25, 2009
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The cutest, most loveable, loving, caring, charming, sexiest, most attractive, intelligent, trustable and most perfect man in the world! His bright shining blue eyes will let you melt away, his hugs and kisses will hypnotize you. He is a gentleman in every situation and treats his girl like a princess.
"Arbi" is often used to describe pure perfection, awesomeness and sex appeal.

"Do you know my boyfriend? He's so Arbi!"

"Oh god, I love how Arbi you are!"

"Hot hotter Arbi"
by fnjrdn February 10, 2019
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See also "Hell"

The place I am currently employed...
We surve good Chicken Sandwiches, and thats about it...
The Roast Beef smells like old Ball Sack...
Sanitation is almost non-existent...

Only rednecks, old people, and foriegn people eat here...

Because no one likes Arby's, we never have any customers...
So the only time we actually do work is when we close...

Arby's Chicken Chipolte Sandwich is really good!
The beef tastes like ass...
by The Nameless July 21, 2006
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Arby's is slang for "roast beef". Roast beef being defined as over sized labia.

Usage: Yeah, she's cute but she's got a bad case of Arby's.
by Big Hugh Jardon May 25, 2009
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