the gap between a woman's thighs just below her crotch. also known as the beaver breather.
Check out the betty with factory air.
by whowantsahotkarl February 21, 2003
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the area or space between the thighs of a woman -usually a younger one
space and air between legs right up to the taint area -factory air is most prevalent in younger, fitter gals
as the female form ages the space narrows and usually disappears and results in the "rubbing of thighs"
Look at that one, how sweet, that bitch comes with factory air
by the rob one February 13, 2014
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the natural gap on a chick between her thighs and cooter
As the Hooter's girl bent down to pick up a wing, we were all in awe of her gaping factory air.
by dell June 4, 2004
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A whore house or "puticlub" in Spanish which is located on the A-2 highway just outside of Madrid. Lots of Brazilians and Romanians work there. Nice selection but would reccommend flowers park, A-6 Highway exit 26.
I had to pull my friend Brandon out of Factory air last night cuz he was talking to this nasty bitch from Nigeria who claimed she was Cuban. There's a lot of that....
by Shookis May 17, 2006
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-FAK teh re- -ERR- n. In reference to the space created in between a womans thighs when she is standing with her legs parallel to eachother, and perpendicular to the floor.
Dude, that chick had some nice factory air. I bet she doesn't ever get any duck butter.
by xxBigmikexx April 17, 2008
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