This hot ass actress with a perfect ass. Her tits are very round and perfect. every man gets a boner when they see her in movies. she has a lot of talent.
by urban12323 June 15, 2014
Proof white girls can/do have great asses.
Yeah, that Jessica Biel has one fine ass.
by Adrian August 24, 2007
An up-and-coming actress with perfect tits. Oh yeah, she also has an incredibly hot body to go along with those perfect tits.
Dude, did you see that Jessica Biel chick's nice, big, round tits?
by Miko Pussi August 4, 2007
Any really Hot Chick who looks like the actress. Also a girl who I'd love to fuck.
"She looks like Jessica Biel
by Wear February 22, 2006
A wanna-be actress that will degrade herself with countless famous guys(taking off her cloths screwing every famous guy she can) in order to further her career.
Jessica Biel is said to be jumpin justin timberlake does'nt she have a boyfriend though?
by juiice February 3, 2007