One whose general knowledge of arcane and useless subjects causes them to spew facts intermittently to no avail.
Doug - "Did you know that all polar bears are left handed?"

John - "Uh... No... but that's interesting."

Claire - "Oh, don't mind dug. He's a fact-ory."
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008
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Any white collar workplace that is inhabited by professionals who are unhappy with the repetitive nature of their work.
large law firms, accounting firms. Bill looked forward to another day at the factory reviewing documents.
by Mark Rhoades August 26, 2005
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Used to describe something that's to the max, at a very high level of ordinance, or at the epitamy of itself.
"Man look at that drummer go! Polyrhythm factory!"
"Nice cookies, Ms Peadie, that's tasty factory!"
by 'Cus June 06, 2005
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My hometown of Crimora, is the biggest crank capital in virginia and is known by many as the factory since crank and meth are in abudence here
"you riding down the the factory later? I need some of that crimora crank"
by Mohammad April 02, 2004
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A word that essentially means "cool" or "snazzy." Also a typo of "fancy" that was made and is now just a fun slang word.
jimothy: i got my hair dyed today
jessica: damn that's so factory
jimothy, pulling off his hat: no it's not jessica they dyed it green
by minimimio March 26, 2021
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