A banker is the girl you know you can get with no matter what. She is the one you go for when all else fails, or you simply can't be bothered to make any effort for others. You may have one, or several bankers.

When using a banker you may refer to "opening the bank" or "cashing the cheque"
"There's no one in here, f*ck this, i'm gona have to open the bank"

"Are you and her a thing now?" "Nah she's just a banker mate"
by Jaymes Craic September 02, 2011
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(Noun) A member of the Legion of Satan. A man or woman who gets dressed in a nice suit before raping and pillaging your village. A moral imbecile.
Woman No. 1: Holy shit, Judy. My oldest daughter is dating a banker! What do I do?

Woman No. 2: Do you still have any of that arsenic we used on the last horrible man she brought home?
by Pinkie_Flamingo June 21, 2016
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Someone who will drop a dime on you. A rat. A teller. A snitch. (Teller...bank teller...banker).
"Yo that guy Mike told the feds about Càno..he's a straight banker."
by Reylenra August 25, 2015
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The term given to the girl you know you can get by the end of the evening. E.G. Its not a challenge, you are punching below your weight so its for sure.

You try all night to get a real nice girl, and if that fails, there is always the banker!!

"Hey Tom thats a banker over there!"
"For sure Mark, she's alright but i'm going for that real fitty"
"Oh well, if you dont get her, you can rely on the banker!!"
by Starty January 05, 2007
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1. A person employed by a bank, esp. as an executive or other official.

2. A morally deficient member of the bourgeoisie who will recklessly sacrifice others well being for personal gain.

Related Slang
1. A buffoon who will create a situation in which his/her social connections are needed to bring about a response that is favorable to them.
1. The banker told me my house could not be used as collateral for my son’s tuition because he had crashed the housing market.

2. That jerk was acting like a banker! He called my girl fat, took a swing at me and then when I went to fight back he and his cronies beat me up.

3. That banker F*&K is waiting outside for me with 20 of his homies!
by Pissed_Proletariat October 23, 2008
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A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
by giga oper July 29, 2013
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