When someone studies peoples posts on Facebook (Comments, pictures, status updates) to the point to where they know everything about a persons life, without ever talking to that person. A classic Face-creeper is known to know way more about a victim than the victims best friends know about him.
Phil: "Who knows where Kelsey is?"

Sid: "Oh. Kelsey is soo totally bored while grounded for getting a D+ on her math final."

Doug: "What?!... When did you talk to her? I didnt even know you guys talk that much.."

Sid: "Kelsey added me last week on facebook. Did you not see her latest 8 updates?

Doug and Phil: "FACE-CREEPER"
by RiotROy! April 07, 2010
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Wasting time you don't have on Facebook stalking people, or reading their walls.
Girl: I'm so upset that Justin has a girflriend, now I have no chance.
Guy: How on earth did you figure that out?
Girl: I was reading his wall conversations with one of his friends, you know, back and forth between their two walls so I could get the full converstaion and his friend congratulated him on having a hot girlfriend.
Guy: You were face creeping at home all alone last night?!?! Maybe you should go out...
by mmmmdawg June 26, 2006
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When someone uses facebook to creep on people.
Guy 1: Yo you facecreepin or what?

Guy 2: Yeah yo check out this chick im talkin to.
by WACKY JACKY January 06, 2008
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The act of going through every photo/video/piece of information for one given person on Facebook.
Billie: "You HAVE to see the ears on this kid!"

Bob:"Then let us commence facecreeping"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009
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