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Liking someone else's Facebook post, picture, or comment even if you don't. Like giving someone a handjob. Usually done so it seems you're a really good friend.
I think Sarah's going to unfriend me if I don't give her a Facebook job the next few days.
by Extra Mayo June 09, 2016
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=((# of likes your Facebook post gets)/(# of Facebook friends)).

A higher Facebook Worth means your friends really care about you.
"Ricky always gets a lot of likes, but his Facebook Worth is really low."
by Extra Mayo June 08, 2016
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Someone who likes a friend's Facebook post over a year old.
Man, I don't trust that Rey. He's such a facecreeper.
by Extra Mayo February 15, 2018
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A modern day Vanilla Ice who wears tank tops and fur coats and raps about being gay.
"I love Macklemore. He's so talented."

"No he's not. Macklemore was created by a gay record company executive with the sole intent to steal Grammys from black people."
by Extra Mayo February 16, 2014
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When two guys using a urinal and one guy using a stall start a conversation inside a men's restroom.
"When I walked in I kind of freaked out because there was a two #1 one #2 situation going on."
by Extra Mayo January 11, 2013
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People who always talk about themselves or things they've accomplished.
Don't invite Tiffany to the party. She is like Walking Linkedin. Everyone's going to want to leave.
by Extra Mayo May 07, 2015
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Facebook Jobber, or a man who masturbates while on Facebook.
I never took Chris for a FBJ'er, but he was kind of creepy to women.
by Extra Mayo May 27, 2013
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