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A tunnel that has and end
Bob: "Let's explore this tunnel."

Frank: "Oh no! a DEAD END!"

Bob: "I guess its a cave then."
by mathraptor July 08, 2009

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The act of going through every photo/video/piece of information for one given person on Facebook.
Billie: "You HAVE to see the ears on this kid!"

Bob:"Then let us commence facecreeping"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009

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Tim Hortons Positioning System. Similiar to GPS.

Sixth sense every Canadian is born with, used to locate the nearest Tim Hortons.
Billie: "20 hours, no sleep, need CAFFEINE"

Bob:"Well turn left here, my TPS is going off"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009

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Word shouted out from speeding cars to unsuspecting by-standers for purpose of enraging and confusing.
Scene: Two women stand unsuspectingly outside a movie theatre, when a menacingly red sunfire approaches.

"BUSHPEG!" shouts the passenger.

*The women look at eachother, perplexed, and add a definition to UD.*
by mathraptor September 09, 2009

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When tape is placed uner the paws of cat for the amusement of humans.
Mr.Whiskers: "What's with the funny walk?"

Mittens: "Damn humans and their sticky-paws!!!"
by mathraptor July 23, 2009

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