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A special friend acquired predominetly through Facebook
"Ian, how's your facebitch doing? Have you even had a conversation with her that wasn't through Facebook?"
by IanYouKnowItsTrue December 31, 2007
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1. (noun) A name for facebook when people complain excessively in their status updates. 2. (noun) An affectionate term for a facebook friend. 3. (verb) Constantly complaining through one's facebook status. 4. (noun) An individual that complains through their facebook status often.
1. Susie posted on facebitch that her boyfriend dumped her. 2. Oh, yeah, Susie and I are facebitches! 3. I hate it when people facebitch constantly and won't get the **** out of my news feed. 4. Susie is such a facebitch. She updates her status so often it's ridiculous.
by BMH2611 April 28, 2009
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1. (noun) Anyone who acts like a little bitch via the social network known as Facebook. These cretins prefer to talk shit and spend their days fapping to pictures of scantily clad teenagers rather than venturing into the real world where they might suffer a rapid fire pummeling for their constant use of low-brow insults. 2. (noun) A person, likely in or just out of their teenage years, whom spends the majority of their free-time, which they tend to have copious amounts of due to a lack of employment or social life, complaining via Facebook status updates. These individuals have taken digital whining to new heights with an incessant barrage of "poor me," "my life sucks," and "I'm so lonely" style updates as to cause those unfortunate enough to be on their friends list to suffer from cerebral hemorrhaging and/or self-inflicted eye-gouging. 3. (verb) The act of bitching and/or trolling via Facebook. Although Facebook tends to be the more popular medium for such acts of Facebitching, any social network can and will be used for said whining/complaining/shit-talking/trolling, etc.
1. Every time Ian makes a status update he complain about Cindy dumping him. What a Facebitch. 2. Alex doesn't have anything better to do than Facebitch all day long. I wish she/he would get a life.
by nathantruant April 22, 2010
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(noun) someone who complains about you conversing with someone else on their facebook status because of notifications...the type of person who waits with bated breath for said notifications and is epically disappointed when the conversation doesn't revolve around them.
Girl: take this conversation elsewhere, so I don't get updates on it...

Guy: geez she's being such a facebitch...
by lifeofdaparty July 08, 2009
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Someone who puts up pictures or posts items on Facebook, intentionally or unintentionally that make you look bad.
Katy knew i didn't want that picture on Facebook from Kevin's party, but that whore put it on anyway. My nipples hanging out and i have a beer can in my hand...What a Facebitch
by brazil80 September 07, 2009
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v. To complain about not having enough time in one's life, then spend copious time on one or more social networking websites. (The complaining may occur on or outside of such sites.)
"Emily constantly whines about being disorganized, but she never seems to do anything about it - instead, she's on facebook all the time!"

"Yeah, I'm sick of her facebitching."
by tmon January 01, 2009
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When someone's Facebook status is always a comment about how he/she hates her life.
Person 1: Look at this status.
"(Name) is not going to the mall because her parents are retarded and should die."
Person 2: What a FaceBitch.
by The Connoisseur March 09, 2009
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