That dirty didn't look so good in the morning after I fucked the face paint off her mug.
by Herb N. Dictionary November 04, 2002
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The sexual act of having your face coated in your lover's feces whether it be solid feces or not, thus producing several different terms:
spray painting (direct from the ass, liquid), roller painting (rolling a solid terd with the hand on your lover's face), stick painting (use of a solid terd like a pencil to make artistic designs on your lover's face).
I'm going to this big facepainting party later, wanna come?

I facepainted my girl last night and she licked her face clean.

I don't like sex, I just like face-painting.

My kid said he wanted a face-painting so I did it; does that make me a bad father?
by Nimlins September 28, 2010
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When you go in for a cropdust or drive-by and let loose a little bit of shit right on their face.
Dude I went in to cropdust Pete and facepainted the poor bastard.
by Aanonnnnn June 24, 2017
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