Popular punk rock song originally performed by Japanese punk rock band The Blue Hearts. Later covered by American singer Andrew W. K. The song is universial as Linda is a popular woman's name in many languages and also means pretty or beautiful in many languages.
Man, what's that awesome song in Japanese called? It goes something like this.."Linda Linda! Linda Linda Linda!"
by Amazing Maniax December 28, 2011
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linda is an amazing friend, she never studies for tests but somehow gets 100. if you find a Linda never let her go ( and give her food)
hey, where did your food go?
linda probably ate it
by sarcastic amazing person January 3, 2019
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Linda is a recurring enemy from the Double Dragon series, she is commonly seen with a whip which can hurt the player, can deal punches and kicks too towards the player.

In Double Dragon Neon, her appearance changes her appearance changes from a female punk to a female wearing a dominatrix suit thus making her a sadistic seductress sounding enemy.

She can also be a threat if she is with other enemies.

In the mobile version/interpretation of Double Dragon she is married to the male enemy Williams.
Person A: Ugh I hate that enemy Linda I can't beat her.
Person B: I think she's hot.
by crasher 1998 September 10, 2020
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Kinda is a nice and sensitive person. If you every see a Linda, you should always say hi. If you every lose a Linda, it will be your biggest mistake every. Keep your friends close and your Lindas’ closer
I lost Linda and now I am miserable 😩
by Helwo\ January 14, 2019
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Linda means cute girl in Spanish or Italian.

Most Linda's are quiet. But loud around her friends. She is the best friend you'll ever meet. She's VERY trustworthy and honest. And most of the time gives people a second chance. Linda's Are sometimes really short. ;)

Linda's are very very smart. Linda's can be your BEST FRIEND And someone you can tell anything to. But if you piss her off enough she may be your worst enemy. Linda's usually love dogs, & the colour red. Linda's couldn't care less about shit people say about them and once you meet a Linda you should never let her go. Because sometime in your life. You're really going to need her.
person 1 - Have you met a Linda yet?

person 2 - Yea. And Im never letting her go.
by Hi_I_Love_Tacos_Biotch. December 1, 2011
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linda vaccinates her kids just to make her enemy, karen jealous
by lunarrr December 8, 2019
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A beautiful, sweet, sexy girl. Shes more then meets the eye. Shes sweet but tough when she needs to be. The perfect creation of a women. Shes loyal, caring, and funny. She loves to help others, and has the kinda personality that people find so refreshing! Shes like a fresh breath of air. If you find a Linda consider yourself truly blessed, and never let her get away.
That girl Linda is a keeper, a dime piece, a perfect 10!
by Esachica April 30, 2012
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