A feeling of casual happiness while simultaneously having a rock hard erection.
"How are you doing today?"
"Fabulicious! How are you?"
by IHaveATurtleFetish February 28, 2017
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1.State of being desirable + fabulous. Something or someone with fabulous style leaving other people craving the fabulicious item/object/person. Stylish. Something or someone that is appealing to more than one of the senses.

2.Fabulous+Delicious. Delicious meaning visually appealing to the senses or literally "delicious" as in taste.
That vintage dress looks fabulicious on you! Have a Fabulicious Birthday!
by glitterativintage September 14, 2007
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Extremely pleasing and pleasant, typically relating to sense of taste: fabulous + delicious
The giant sundae we shared was fabulicous.
by Ivany June 20, 2005
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Fabulicious is a state of mind, a fabulous feeling, confidence, positive personality and fabulous and delicious expression for someone or something absolutely amazing!
That new dish at that restaurant was so fabulicious!
She's so fabulicious! She donated all that time and money to the charity to help those people and animals.
by Melissa Z. June 20, 2008
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