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Dutch twins are siblings that are born a year or less apart. Such siblings are also referred to as Irish twins which some people consider racist due to the fact that many Irish Catholic people do not believe in birth control.
Kathryn was born in 1986. Her little sister Lucy was born in 1987. People sometimes referred to them as Dutch twins or Irish twins.
by needtoknowbasis November 06, 2013

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A preteen Cub Scout of ten or eleven years old. WEBELOS is an acronym for "We'll Be Loyal Scouts". The plural for WEBELOS is "WEBELOS Cub Scouts".
My WEBELOS Max is going camping this weekend with the WEBELOS Cub Scouts to Kaibab National Forest.
by needtoknowbasis November 25, 2013

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Where soldiers and military personnel eat their meals.
Let's meet in the mess hall after the Bob Hope USO show. I prefer the mess hall any day to k rations.
by needtoknowbasis November 23, 2013

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To make something up. To create. To lie. To produce.
He had to fabricate that story to stay out of jail. I am going to fabricate environmental friendly insulation for my house. All Professor Rathbone does when he is not prepared is fabricate. She knows how to fabricate like nobody else.
by needtoknowbasis November 15, 2013

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Sneaky, slippery, snakelike, slimy or nasty with a sexual connotation. Root word lube i.e. lube job.
When mom was young she had to wear dresses to school. She said that her Spanish teacher "El Tigre" would look up the girls skirts with a lubricious sneer on his face.
by needtoknowbasis November 08, 2013

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Billionaire owner of Penske Corporation and Penske Racing. Mr. Penske is highly regarded for his meticulous, old school approach to everything he does. Nicknamed "The Captain" by those close to him in the racing world.
Roger Penske is legendary in the world of racing. I see Roger Penske's Penske Truck Rental trucks everywhere I go. Did Roger Penske's driver win the Indy 500 this year?
by needtoknowbasis November 11, 2013

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Short chaps that cowboys and cowgirls wear. They are made of leather and fall somewhere between the knee and the ankle. They usually have longer leather fringe than do chaps.
My new chinks better be done by the time we pull out for the fall cattle drive or I'll have to wear my chaps.
by needtoknowbasis January 14, 2014

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