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n. In Baltimoron, it's the "Old Line State," or the state on the south side of the Mason-Dixon Line, and the state where Batimore rests at the mouth of the Patapsco River. Yes, for the rest of the English-speaking world, this would be the state of Maryland.
Doen'cha knoe, I'm from Merlin!
by Dan Weyandt April 24, 2008
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a cutie that you better not lose if you get her. she's a sweetheart and everyone loves her. she makes everyone happy. she's really shy and quiet but smart. she's real attractive but hates how she looks. she's really creative and loves music. she's a girl that you would never wanna lose. if you fall in love with a merlin don't let her go. she's the best thing to happen to you.
by lmaoo12 March 13, 2017
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A word used to replace the overused words "sick/cool/legit". Based off an idea from some white kid in Palo Alto, CA. Derived from merlin as something magical/cool, and therefor, awesome.
Kid #1: Woody freestyles be hella merlin
Kid #2: True, but I heard Spencer's are merlin as fuck!
by Merlin 650 December 19, 2008
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When you say something is Merlin you are saying it is great, awesome or rad to the max . The definition derives from the world Wizard that doesn't do the awesomeness the justice it deserves.
Last night was totally merlin, it couldn't have been better.

That back double tricky you did was merlin!

That layout for that ad is merlin.
by grassharper July 20, 2009
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Either a name, traditionally of an old wizard but is an uncommon but still used forename, or something can be described as being merlin, replacing the outdated "cool"/"sick"/"wicked"/"awesome".
Friend of Merlin: "Hey Merlin."

Someone does something amazing.
Onlookers: Fuck man, that was merlin!
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A merlin (or merlyn) derived from the Middle English colloquialism for Falco columbarius, a small, bald falcon, a merlin is a vulgar maneuver, most often delivered from above--hence, the word's avian origins.

While not necessarily practiced--much like counterparts "the Cleavland steamer" and "space docking"--it has evolved into both urban myth and popular in-joke among groups of friends. There is much debate on what the act entails, often falling into regional categories. Thus, in common parlance it has become a stand-in for all bizarre, deviant and lascivious intimacies: a sort of profane catch-all, or ribald signifier, whereas what is signified is fluid and varies greatly with person and context.

The etymology of the merlin is also disputed, with some cultures ascribing it to the wizard, Merlin, of Arthurian Legend. This may be on account of the obscure and mysterious nature of the term and what it may, or may not, imply. The word can be found in literature dating as far back as the 16th century.

Currently, the growing reemergence and popularity of the term has lead, perhaps indirectly, to a decline in the popularity of its use as a given name.
be careful today. i have a feeling elizabeth's going to try to give you a merlin when you're sleeping.
by Robert de Boron August 07, 2010
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Merlin is sometimes used to replace words such as sperm, cum, semen, jizz and spunk. Merlin is a male gamete or reproductive cell that is produced in the testicles. The word 'merlin' is a slang word that originated in the UK.
1. She was giving me a blowjob when I pulled out and covered her face in merlin.

2. When she walked out of the toilet, she had merlin on her lip.
by Merlin maker March 31, 2013
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