all the goodies. Bling, cash money,
the best drugs, comp tickets,
verbal praise, TLC and all a'that!
"I can't beleive she dumped me even though I gave her all the extra cheese!"
by velveeta May 18, 2004
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n. Another word for foreskin or an uncircumsized penis.
"I hooked up with Jim last night and EW! He totes had extra cheese on his weiner."
by Kfunky October 26, 2006
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1. The cheapest thing on the menu at most fast-food places. Homeless people come to a place that serves nachos with 40 cents, asking for just the extra cheese.
2. The absolute worst thing to buy and split with your girlfriend on a date.
3. A person that is cheap.
Cindy: Hey Marissa, where did Carlos take you on that date?
Marissa: Oh my god, he took me a movie theatre just to split extra cheese (2) with me!
Cindy: Wow, I never took Carlos for such an extra cheese (3).
by dabigguy409 April 5, 2009
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Less Cheese then you would put on a Regular Cheese-less Pizza.
"Can i Get a Cheese-less Pizza with Extra Cheese-less, Or in Easier Terms... an Extra Cheese-less Pizza?"
by Mr_NRG16 August 4, 2019
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noun. A term used to describe a females hairy, juicey "in a bad way" vagina.
Why did you throw a munch on rosie o'donald's furry tuna taco with extra cheese.
by joedaddy April 14, 2004
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