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implying something large, thick, wet, or inflated.
"look at that juicey hamburger"
"she had such a juicey rack"
by Chase Englund January 18, 2008
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drug terminology for a joint/blunt of weed mixed with crack cocaine.
man, pass that juicey to that left!
by RICOG$ October 31, 2005
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Sweetened mixture of tobacco, betel and catechu chewed together. Sold in small brightly coloured packets which attract children. It is a very recent development in its current form which is aimed specifically and cynically at children. It first appeared on the Indian sub continent in that form few years ago.

Street name for Manik Chand.

Cooler than Juice.
yo, man, I'm feelin that juicey right now
by riyad August 28, 2010
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When u are having sex and u lick the cum and sweat off the tits
Hey guess what I did to this girl last nite
I did the juicey watermelon
by Epicface4923 January 24, 2018
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The redefined sexual position of 69 in which the person on top deposits diarrhea while the individual on bottom is orally licking the anus, drinking said excrement.
I just got a shitty perspective of life after my girlfriend gave the Juicey Squirts.
by OPENINSANITY June 20, 2017
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when u drink orange juice and causes ur cooter to swell up.
When Haleigh was 6 she had a juicey cooter
by Michael Mead November 8, 2007
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The act of cumming into a person's eye when they deny swallowing your cum at the end of a blow-job.
Dude, why does that chick you hooked up with have an eye-patch?

She denied swallowing my house dressing, so I had to juiceye that bitch! She didn't deserve to see ma' dick, ya hear me daw?
by lemiwinkschicks24 September 23, 2009
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