4 definitions by Mr_NRG16

"Can i Get a Large Pizza with Frangoli, Strombolio, and Stiachalolli?"
by Mr_NRG16 August 4, 2019
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What you say when you don't get your pictures of Spider-Man!
Person 1: Where are my pictures of Spider-Man!?
Person 2: I couldn't get them yet.
Person 1: You're Fired! get out of my building!
by Mr_NRG16 November 20, 2020
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Less Cheese then you would put on a Regular Cheese-less Pizza.
"Can i Get a Cheese-less Pizza with Extra Cheese-less, Or in Easier Terms... an Extra Cheese-less Pizza?"
by Mr_NRG16 August 4, 2019
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Thing that goes totally numb after beating the fuck out of your dick so god damn hard.
I beat the fuck out of my dick so god damn hard that I can't even feel my left leg, my left leg has went totally numb.
by Mr_NRG16 October 5, 2020
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