We had TomKat and Bennifer, now we have Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

Why don't you two just screw and get it over with.
Rosie can run her fingers through his hairpiece and Donald can roll her in flour and go for the wet spot.
Boy...there's a pay per-view made in HELL, eh?
Could you turn on The View. I want to find out what Rosie O'Donald is up to today.
by CT Vigilante March 18, 2007
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1.)A fill in after an akward silence or an insult.
"Damn, you are being a complete Rosie O'Donald right now."

Person 1: Do you like tuna salad?
Person 2: Um, no. I don't like the smell of fish.
Person 1: Well, you wouldn't like to hang out with Rosie O'Donald then.
Person 2: uhhh..
by Millardo January 23, 2008
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When a fat man tucks back his balls and penis and looks in the mirror naked saying "look at me im Rosie O'Donald."
by Glen Jones September 19, 2008
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