"iM NoT ExTRa!"

stfu nathan yes you are.
by hahaimliam March 19, 2020
British slang. Similar to inna and eggs-up.

Very curious and annoying person.
The gal's pushy and extra. She wants to know everything about everybody.

There are 12 synonims for "extra" just below.
by indie English June 20, 2011

1. a special edition of a news paper distributed upon the report of something unusual enough to merit it

2. someoene who is in a film as part of a large group/crowd or in the background
My mom once had a chance to be in a film as an extra.
'extra quam , extra quam si', except, unless; prep. with acc., beyond, outside of, without; except for; 'extra iocum', joking apart
by infested_one December 20, 2004
Very or alot as in a characteristic.
Masha is extra crippled.
by Da_Killah October 28, 2004
Oh my gosh riley, you are being so extra right now.
by Auttie April 17, 2017
someone who adds a little more to something when it is unnecessary
friend: your name is eric not erick
eric: i added it to be extra

also, matty healy.
by A emo ho August 17, 2017