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Don't mention shit you're not talkin bout
Hurschel why you always gotta be extra
by Brostfu September 12, 2016
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Extra:meaning over the top or in more mordern terms someone who is cool. (For the most part)
E.g.: BTS is so extra,their dance moves are lit (Suga is extra when he acts dope (he is dope).

Another example

RM:Extra + ordinary meaning someone is over the top (above ordinary)
by Btsisthebest May 06, 2018
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A way of describing someone that is really good in a certain subject or activity. Extra is also an adjective that can describe the quality or classification of a noun.

On the other hand, extra can describe a novice or an experienced person who is really terrible at a certain subject or activity.

"Man, did you see that home-run that Manny Ramirez drilled yesterday?"
"Standard, he is extra good at baseball."

Food or Drink:

"That Arizona tall boy of Green Tea was extra cold and refreshing after that long jog."
"Yea, I made a novice mistake by getting a soda, now I feel like shit."


"Mike is extra sloppy at whiffle ball."
"Dude he struck out every time he was at bat."
"He's worthless, I'll never pick him again for my team."

by Fred Williamson April 14, 2009
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An issue of a newspaper in addition to it's normal, once-a-day publication used to bring major, hot items to the public's attention in the days before TV when radios were big boxes with tubes in them. The last of which my have been on VJ day in 1946.
A lot of "Thirties" movies would segue with a news boy, standing on a busy city street corner, shouting "Extra, Extra, read all about it, __________." And, then he's fill the blank with the segue. Something like, "Bruce Wayne found guilty!"
by Furb November 01, 2006
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Additional member(s) that tag along or inject themselves into an already tight-knit group with close relationships. They also think their presence is as important or influential as the initial group of core members.
"Girl, you an extra, don't even begin to think you matter!"
by R4R May 29, 2015
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