Doing way more than what is actually needed, people who ask for a favor but leave out majority of the details just to get you
Someone ask for a ride say they have gas money but forget to mention they need to make 4 mini stops before the orignal then only have 5 bucks on gas...."All this extraness my dude"
by Coop Diesel January 11, 2011
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To be the very opposite of a basic bitch. Living in a way that involves the most complex, lavish or particular versions of everything.
Joe is so extra that when presented with strawberries in November he rushed to the closest organic orchard to fetch some more seasonally appropriate apples.
by S Smi May 15, 2019
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Being too much or excessive like

Mary M. is extra.
Mary why do you have two bags of cough drops even though your not sick , your so extra.
by Helloitsadrian March 21, 2017
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Commonly used by girls in the late 2010s to say either you're too much for them or you're weird.
Jen: You're so extra
Bob: That's the same thing your mom said last night
by Mr. Pepper October 6, 2019
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when you have to be better and overly go up and beyond for unnecessary reasons.
H:"Did you hear the second floor placed a welcome mat in front of the elevator?"
F: "Jesus that's extra as fuck"
by factoryisshite October 25, 2017
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Being unnecessary/doing unnecessary things ; doing the most.

(Parker Authier)
by hg18 December 2, 2016
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