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Someone who is carrying a lot of weapons / firearms on him / her
A guy who has a big dick
Someone who is carrying a lot of anything / stuff around with them
Watch out for that guy - he is loaded!!!


I can't carry anymore groceries - I am loaded already
by mmm August 30, 2004
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1) You're a jerk, Bush. A complete asshole.
2) A lame-ass president nearly choked on a pretzel, humiliating the entire U.S.A.
3) Send Secret agents to Iraq to initiate "Iraq Attack."
1) "Wheres my pretzel?"
by mmm December 24, 2003
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a complete idiot. a better version of asshole. syn: ass-tron
adj. asstronic
bloggers: i feel so depressed! agh i hate life! i want to be loved! i'm so happy!
connor: jeez asstrons don't go posting your all ur emotions on the web!!
by mmm February 24, 2005
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A weird yet fantastic person.
''That person sure is dash''
by mmm April 26, 2004
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Another word for liberal as in below a conservative. Usually used by ignorant assholes (conservatives).
You are subconservative and I'm an anal poking donkey fucker.
by mmm March 14, 2005
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A vehicle that students who don't have a car or another form of transportation, gets to school. AKA Loser Cruiser
Bob lost his license so he must ride the school bus to school.
by mmm March 11, 2004
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to be brave and determined......
Yo! That girl blowing the boss' cock right now sure is spunky when it comes to getting her paycheck!
by mmm May 21, 2004
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