To be the very opposite of a basic bitch. Living in a way that involves the most complex, lavish or particular versions of everything.
Joe is so extra that when presented with strawberries in November he rushed to the closest organic orchard to fetch some more seasonally appropriate apples.
by S Smi May 15, 2019
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when you have to be better and overly go up and beyond for unnecessary reasons.
H:"Did you hear the second floor placed a welcome mat in front of the elevator?"
F: "Jesus that's extra as fuck"
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by factoryisshite October 29, 2017
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the little tiny last ball of shit that won't go down the toilet no matter how many times you flush!!
"Peter, honey, come for dinner!"
"Hold on mom, I have to get rid of this extra!"
by mmm January 28, 2004
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A word to describe Someone who over exaggerates everything. Also known as

J-Hope from the famous K-pop group Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Wow that Hobi is soooo extra screaming and running around like that. He's being so extra all because he saw Rap Monster naked.
by _mymy_ December 10, 2016
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•Someone who googles the word extra
•Too much

Over the top
Skyy was being extra in class when she couldn't shut her damn mouth.
by A.K.P March 26, 2017
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