The coolest forensic event ever.

Where one must utilize a mastery of sources, vocab, and cleverness.

One who extemps is an extemper, and this person is usually a good essay writer, masterful in every way, and just plain awesome.
Dude, why is that guy so cool?

Oh, he does extemp.
by Extemper April 1, 2010
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Extemp, or Extemporaneous Speaking is arguably an event for cocky arrogant assholes. However, others also argue that Extemp is also a great event for any Speech & Debate team.

Official description from Massachusetts Forensic League (MFL) website:

The students will draw three topics of current interest from the material prepared by the tournament director. Usually topics are based on articles taken from recent issues of publications from major media outlets. The student must pick one of the three topics to prepare for a presentation. The students will have a 30 minute preparation period during which personal information files of books, magazines, and/or newspapers may be used to put together the presentation. After the preparation period, the student should deliver a speech to be evaluated for content and delivery. A single note-card with no more than 50 written words is permitted. If a note-card is to be used, the judge must review it prior to the presentation. Any note-card violation should be brought to the attention of the prep room coordinator prior to the speech; or, the student may choose to proceed without the use of the note-card. The topic slip must be presented to the judge in the round. No visual aids are allowed. Students in Extemporaneous Speaking are responsible for the accuracy of citations of evidence. Students must cite facts and analysis from source material accurately and in keeping with the author’s intent. Judges may request to see original copies of the sources cited, and bring discrepancies to the attention of the tournament director.

Time: 7 minute maximum (30 second grace); no minimum

As an Extemper, I'll say that it's helped me a lot for a lot of things, including a) College Applications b) Writing five-paragraph essays and c) improving public speaking skills.
Extemper: Ahh! Filing! Prep time! Flowing! Ballots! Rant rant stress stress!

Average onlooker: The fuck, I never want to do Extemp.
by The Extemper. November 10, 2008
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This is a gay event that nerds and wannabees go crazy about. Very cocky people and fagit bitches carry pride for this event. The event is found in forensics, or debate.
Bart: VH. is so gay, man!

Kim: I guess he/she does extemp
by Ronald January 8, 2007
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The act of extemporaneously speaking or the actual event. Found predominantly in Speech and debate.
He extemped a speech.

He was an excellent orator in extemp.
by DefiningWords September 27, 2009
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Someone who analyzes information in a short period of time and speaks persuasively about it.

I.e. Colin Powell gave an Extemporaneous speech at the UN when he was convincing everyone Iraq had nuclear weapons.
He was an extemper
by Jack be mimbo July 12, 2006
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The only category of Speech where it is appropriate to read out of a book. Usually others define it as a boring category, but they are wrong. You are given the chance to draw out of envelope, sneak a cutting back in and draw another, then practice for a half an hour before speaking to an old lady or hot college guy in a storage room or closet. Comparable to Storytelling, but not as loud, scary, or goofy.
Did you see that person talking to that wall?" "Oh, no worries, they're in Extemp. Reading!
by Mynameis? March 7, 2011
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the signature hand gesture used in extemporaneous speaking: where you're talking about foreign policy and make a fist with your thumb on top and hold it up to really emphasize your point.
he's so used to using the extemp thumb in speech and debate that i've seen him use it in class presentations as well!
by arbitrarilyunconventional March 23, 2023
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